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Treatments Offered By Dr. Adrienne Perkins

In depth Consultation          

|  90 mins - $70-$100   |  

What’s ailing you? Whether it's muscle tension, insomnia, anxiety, PMS, menopause, addictions, stress relief, digestive issues, headaches, etc, acupuncture may be for you. The initial consultation starts with Dr. Adrienne getting to know you, going through your health history and addressing your concerns. This involves an in-depth questionnaire and tongue & pulse diagnosis. Once Dr. Perkins has used the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine to discovered the root cause of your health concern, she will design a series of acupuncture or acussage treatments that are unique to you. Acupuncture may be just what your body needs to bring it back to it’s natural harmonious state of health and wellness. The initial appointment includes a 30 minute consultation and a 60 minute acupuncture or acussage treatment. 

Acupuncture Treatment        
| 60 mins - $40-$70 | 45 mins - $30-$60  |

Follow-up acupuncture treatments consist of a simple check-in to see how you're doing since your last appointment, tongue & pulse diagnosis and an acupuncture treatment. 

This treatment is especially ideal for non-muscle related issues (ie: stress, insominia, PMS, etc) as it does not include massage. 

Acussage (Acupuncture & Massage)  
|60 mins - $60-$90| 90 mins - $90-$120 |
*most popular treatment*

Not getting the results you would like from massage or are you just curious about acupuncture? Or do you love acupuncture but want a massage aswell? This treatment is for you. Whether it’s an injury causing you pain, too many hours at your desk or just a tight aching back, the efficacy of acupuncture combined with the familiarity of massage is a winning combination.

Pre-Birth Acupuncture & Massage        
| 60 mins - $60-$90 |

Tailored specifically for expecting mothers at around 36 weeks gestation to prepare them for labour. These sessions include a choice of relaxation or therapeutic massage as well as an acupuncture treatment. Using a few points on the body, acupuncture helps to “ripen” the cervix, helps your baby move into the ideal position for labour and promotes optimal energy for entering into labour. Expecting mother’s receiving these treatments will be less likely to need an induction, epidural or cesarian delivery and are more likely to birth their baby with ease. Weekly treatments are recommended until labour.  

Pre-birth package: 3 Pre-Birth sessions and (if need be) and Induction treatment - $250. 

Purchase 3 sessions in advance, save $20 and receive a free induction session if your baby is "late" and your doctor is threatening to induce you. 


Cupping and/or Gua Sha      
| 30 mins - $30-$50 |

Cupping is a general term used to describe a technique where suction is formed in a cup that is placed on the skin. When the skin is drawn into the cup, tension and toxins are released from the muscles, blood flow is increased and circulation is improved. Cupping feels really good and is great for many things including, but not limited to, tight/weak/sore muscles (especially tight IT bands), stress, anxiety and cellulite.


Still not convinced?

Not sure if acupuncture is for you? Book a free 15 minute telephone consultation wIth Dr. Adrienne Perkins to discuss your health and what acupuncture can do for you. Afraid of needles but would like to give it a try? If during your first acupuncture treatment, you decide part-way through that acupuncture isn't for you, don't fret! We can turn the remainder of your acupuncture treatment into a relxation or therapeutic massage instead. 

Affordability Issues?

Please don't hesitate to discuss your wellness budget with me. Providing acupuncture to people that want and need it is important to me, so let's discuss a price that we would both be comfortable with! 

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